Submit a creative brief!

Creative briefs precede proposals, and help guide our decisions throughout the project

As much as we both would like to get started, the success of your upcoming project depends on this brief. To ensure your project meets its goals—hopefully with room to spare—it’s imperative to lay out the basics before jumping in. I’ve put together 5 questions that best help me understand general client needs and guide us along further. There are also sample responses, in case you’re unsure of what I’m asking. If you have any questions or would like help before submitting, please email me.

Creative brief form

Fill out and submit the creative-brief form below so that I can get started on your proposal! I've provided a few questions for each point to help get you thinking, along with sample responses to help illustrate what I'm looking for from you. As you’re filling out the form, please provide as much information as you possibly can!

  • Enter a title for your project that identifies it.
  • Summarize your project.

  • Why are you having this website done?
  • How will you measure the success of this website?

  • What content will the website consist of?
  • Will all content be provided up front, or will you want to manage certain aspects as you see fit?
  • Do you have or need specific colors, themes, a logo, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, a domain, hosting, or anything else to consider for this project?

  • Are you planning to promote this website?
  • Do you have any current marketing strategies that this website will tie into?

  • Do you need this project launched by a certain date?
  • Do you have a budget that you cannot exceed, or are you more interested in the highest quality result possible? Somewhere in-between? Please let me know, so I can plan accordingly.

  • This could be a long one—please list any specific requirements or requests you may have for this project.
  • Will you want any special functionality for the website, or is it basically just an online brochure?

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