A fresh approach to website hosting

Web host solutions with performance, features, stability and support in a class of their own

Most web pages regarding hosting start with a list of low prices, followed by promises of virtually unlimited resources. As the actual value of your web host depends on far more than saving a few dollars and loads of unused bandwidth and disk space—I’m proud to offer custom hosting solutions that focus on what really matters. There’s a bit to consider when choosing the home for your website, and once it’s designed, developed and put online, I’d like to ensure that you’re in good hands.

Professional performance & features

One of my biggest peeves with traditional hosting options are the lack of features made available, and the performance restrictions deliberately put in place. Installable software is generally limited to programs considered safe and resource-friendly enough to be viable on an over-crowded host. Performance restrictions help ensure that servers with large numbers of users cannot cause too much damage to others’ performance. I generally find high-quality hosting options more valuable than slightly more affordable and restricted hosting—especially for professional website designs. Even Google acknowledges that typical web pages spend 80-90% of their load time waiting for the network! The differences your server can make are staggering—as briefly demonstrated below.

Below are screen-shots I’ve taken of the difference between the same exact page loading on two different web servers. On the left, we can see my current website design portfolio loading on a commonly configured third-party web server. To the right, we can see the same exact page load on my web server almost four times as fast!

Bjørn Enki's portfolio loading on a third-party host

Bjørn Enki’s portfolio loading on a common third-party server configuration

Bjørn Enki's portfolio loading on his web host

Bjørn Enki’s portfolio loading on his web server—overlayed on top of the results from the third-party server in the image on the left

Sharing a server with trusted, screened resources

Common web-hosting plans, especially the less expensive ones, are commonly mixed with hundreds or thousands of other accounts on a single server. “Overselling” is a term used to describe the common practice of promising resources to each account on a server that, if actually used, would bring the server to a crawl, crash it, or cause accounts to be shut down. Even if a host doesn’t oversell, each account with access to the same server has the potential to compromise its performance and security.

Most of my sites share a host as well, as decent dedicated server start at several hundred dollars per month. One difference with me as your host is that you’ll know you’re not being oversold anything. Even more importantly, you’ll know I’ll be the only one with control over what gets install on your web server. You’ll know you can grow however and whenever needed, and that you’ll be safe in the process.

Dynamic backups that grow with your site

Although a copy is usually kept by the original developer, these days a website commonly evolves from the time it’s launched. Whether featuring a blog, comments, a content management system, or any other form of dynamic growth—backups that adapt to the website are important.

My custom backup system ensures that a copy of your website is never far away, should one accidentally delete a resource or have an unfortunate administration error or security breach. Every seven days, each website I host is backed up to a remote location. Additional copies are stored locally on a weekly and monthly basis.

Get started with premium hosting

All of my hosting plans include the same features, services and support. I do, of course, offer custom solutions. However, as they’re rarely needed, I have three packages of bandwidth/disk-space priced at $7, $15, and $40/month.

Once you’re ready to get started, you can sign up for premium website hosting right away. You should contact me first though to make sure the basic package will suffice.