Custom website design services

No templates or cookie-cutters: only hand-crafted, custom website designs

I take pride in the fact that my custom website designs are different than most. They've evolved for years, adapting to best provide what clients and I desire most: custom website solutions of the highest quality at affordable prices. While my specialty is web services tailored to specific needs, my general offerings and capabilities are outlined below. If you need a new website or would like more out of your existing one(s), don't hesitate to contact me.

Website Design

As a professional website designer, I aim to create designs that are remembered; that make a lasting impression, and, most of all, don’t look familiar or like the average website. Opinions form almost instantly and have profound, long-term impact. I take great care to make this impact positive, powerful, and appropriate.

Website Development

Along with a (not-so) standard website, I can program just about anything imaginable. From “keyboard-choosers” to complete running management systems, I make websites function exactly as envisioned. However, I am always glad to offer professional opinions and advice.

Website Hosting

Every website needs a host, and every website can benefit from high-end features and performance. Premium hosting solutions are usually reserved for larger budgets, but I’ve created high-end web hosting options affordable enough that I can’t really recommend anything else. Take a look at the difference in response-time alone!

Website Management

Websites generally need to evolve in order to stay competitive. I make websites that can be changed by their owner, easily and intuitively, directly from their browser [see “management” column in portfolio]. For more complex additions or updates, or even expansions to the owner’s content management system (CMS), I’m always available and eager to help.

Website Promotion

Having a website is one thing: ensuring those interested can find it is another altogether. I offer several ways of bringing in people already searching for your products or services, and even creative ideas for capturing audiences that you’ve probably never considered.