Portfolio of website projects

A selection of my website design, development & management projects

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working on hundreds of professional website design projects for a wide variety of clients. Below, I’ve showcased ten of my most unique and diverse projects, along with detailed descriptions of the specific tasks at hand. Following is a list with links to images and accompanying summaries for every additional client that I’ve worked with. Although goals, visions and budgets inevitably vary, I consider each new project my next masterpiece.

  • Kim Malco’s home page

    design: Kim Malco Photography

    Kim was looking for a designer & developer to create a complex, professional website that would make browsing his photos a pleasure.

    His main challenges for me were creating categories for thousands of photos to be easily understood, browsed, and searched trough, as well as making site functionalities as intuitive as possible.

  • Another page under Kim Malco’s website

    development: Kim Malco Photography

    Kim wanted several specific features for his site, including slideshows for each major category and the ability for users to order prints of any photograph.

    Additional features include: adjust the duration which slideshows last, hover over photos for more options than just buying prints, and a customized shopping cart and on-site search functionality (shown).

  • Kim Malco’s administration area

    management: Kim Malco Photography

    The best part about this 4,000+ page website is that it is completely editable by Kim himself. He can manage categories, subcategories, photos, pricing, availability, page content, and practically anything else desired, completely free of charge and as he sees fit.

    Shown here, Kim can sort, edit, or delete subcategories under the regional gallery “Arizona”.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, Kim Malco’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.
  • Tyler Sparks’ home page

    design: Tyler Sparks Racing

    Tyler Sparks came to me seeking a professional, modern looking website with plenty of lighting, shadows, and real-world textures.

    Sparks and carbon-fiber were used to add realism to the site, and incorporate well with the racing theme.

  • Another page under Tyler Sparks’ website

    development: Tyler Sparks Racing

    Tyler’s website was developed to scale very nicely between various devices and viewing sizes. Page content, including imagery, adapts beautifully to various browser and monitor dimensions.

    Resize the website and watch it change! You may want to check out Tyler’s website next time you have access to an extra-large monitor—perhaps at a computer store.

  • Tyler Sparks’ administration area

    management: Tyler Sparks Racing

    Using a custom built content management system, Tyler can manage the entire website’s content—even image galleries.

    Here we can see the “About” page being edited, and the editor Tyler has avaiable. If you look closely, you’ll probably see many elements familiar to you, from word-processing software or the like.

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  • Fred Sokolow’s home page

    design: Fred Sokolow

    From a design standpoint, Fred wanted to overhaul the former Sokolow Music webiste to make it more modern, friendly, and inviting.

    He was also interested in portraying his unique style and showcasing his talent with a wide range of the various string instruments for which he’s published instructional material.

  • Another page under Fred Sokolow’s website

    development: Fred Sokolow

    Along with a fresh new look, Fred wanted online sales to be made much easier through his new website. Rather than typing out an order description and calculating their own totals, users can now use a fully integrated, custom shopping cart. Credit cards are also now processed directly from Fred’s site.

    Additionally, Fred can offer music and video samples (shown) that may be listened to or viewed directly.

  • Fred Sokolow’s administration area

    management: Fred Sokolow

    The new Sokolow Music website is virtually entirely editable by Fred. Editing a page’s content (shown) is as easy as using any common text-editor. Adding, editing, or removing products, images, and even audio & video samples may also all be done by Fred through an intuitive, custom content management system.

    Other important features include the ability to disable sales on an item that is temporarily out of stock.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, Fred Sokolow’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.
  • Web design: Ergonomics Simplified’s home-page

    design: Ergonomics Simplified

    Ergonomics Simplified was looking for an attractive and unique custom website design that feels appropriate to the field of ergonomics.

    I was assigned the goal of emphasising help as the main purpose of the web site rather than e-commerce—focusing on and highlighting the simplicity and usefulness of the website, not products.

  • Web development: A screen-shot of the "Chair Chooser" from the Ergonomics Simplified website

    development: Ergonomics Simplified

    The Ergonomics Simplified website is loaded with intuitive tools to improve the user-experience and provide visitors with free ergonomics tips & techniques as well as ways of choosing products.

    Specific features include: a “Keyboard Chooser” (shown), an advanced “Chair Chooser”, a 24-step interactive evaluation, a “Where it Hurts” page, storing of recommendations, cart contents, and more.

  • Web management: Editing a chair in Ergonomics Simplified’s custom content management system

    management: Ergonomics Simplified

    A custom content management system allows full control over the contents of the entire website.

    Among other things, administrators may: edit (shown), add, and remove products as they please, assign new keyboards and chairs to “Chooser” characteristics, manage the interactive evaluation’s resulting recommendations and products, view and manage accounts, and much more.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, Ergonomics Simplified’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.
  • Web design: A first draft of Momentous Insurance’s home-page design

    design: Momentous Insurance Brokerage

    Momentous wanted a bold design for their new, high-end insurance company’s web site—based heavily on their logo and with a focus on portraying the grande and professional nature of the company.

    I was asked to create a prominent yet timeless design. The image featured here is actually a first draft (my personal favorite) and I have since implemented an alternate, 3rd party design.

  • Web development: A page on Momentous’ website feauturing their expanding/collapsing sections

    development: Momentous Insurance Brokerage

    Their website contains several specifically requested development features:

    An announcement on the home page may alert users of important news information—which may be edited by Momentous or turned off/on. Also, certain page elements expand as their headlines are clicked, allowing pages to start concise and compact, yet grow as desired (shown).

  • Web management: Momentous managing the images in the corners pages in their custom CMS

    management: Momentous Insurance Brokerage

    Momentous’ website is practically entirely editable by anyone with secure access. Everything from managing pages in any of the site’s main categories to editing or assigning “corner images” (shown) may be done in-house.

    Momentous regularly posts news updates and resources to keep the website up to date and relevant.

  • Web development: Innovative Skincare’s iS CLINICAL’s home-page featuring their custom drop-down menu

    development: Innovative Skincare

    In managing Innovative Skincare’s two websites, I’ve had the pleasure of implementing several development-intensive tasks:

    I’ve created a complex order-form & price calculator, implemented an online bulletin-board for their staff, re-developed their custom navigation menu (shown), installed and advised on tracking metrics, and more.

  • Web management: Innovative Skincare’s iS CLINICAL home-page featuring recent "buzz" items

    management: Innovative Skincare

    Innovative Skincare came to me a couple of years ago in need of a website manager able to provide reliable updates of high quality in quick timeframes. I am honored to remain their only web developer.

    Everything from product pages, news & press updates, current promotions, and the online order-form I created have been updated upon request.

  • Web development: Kara Leach’s portfolio

    development: Kara Leach Creative

    Kara needed someone to put together the website she’d just finished designing for her company, and she needed it done perfectly.

    Designs were conceptualized and submitted by Kara—my job was to bring everything to life. Many aspects fade or slide into place rather than staying stagnant, and the home-page features a clever splash-page.

  • Web management: Kara Leach’s client list

    management: Kara Leach Creative

    Rather than a content management system, I advised Kara that periodic updates done by me would save her a bit of money—given the scope and plan for the website. I keep her client list (shown) and portfolio (shown here) up to date, upon request, for a fraction of the cost of a custom content management system.

    I work with each client to ensure the best and most cost-effective way of maintaining their websites.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, Kara Leach’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.
  • Web design: RunningMeet’s home-page

    design: RunningMeets

    RunningMeets’ race-track themed website was created based on a design submitted by Coach Rickerman. Reds and grays were the colors of choice for the design, and a Flash animation on the home-page provides movement and portrays the wide audience of the RunningMeets program.

    The main goals of RunningMeets’ design were to showcase the program and inform about its offers.

  • Web development: A runner’s schedule and log at RunningMeets.com

    development: RunningMeets

    Coach Ken Rickerman came to me several years ago with a dream of turning his 5 Speed Running system into a program that could be managed and reported from much easier, online.

    By systemizing Ken’s training methods—not only may he manage runners about 5 times as effectively, but also provide a place for his runners to easily provide feedback, get their schedules, and stay engaged.

  • Web management: a RunningMeets 5 Speed graph

    management: RunningMeets

    Although runners and race directors of RunningMeets manage their individual areas themselves, the RunningMeets system has been consistently expanded upon since its launch.

    A number of new features have been added, including three new graphs for runners (shown), networking functions such as a “social page” editable by each individual, a message center and many more.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, RunningMeets’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.
  • Web design: TwoFoot Creative home-page

    design: TwoFoot Creative

    TwoFoot Creative’s website was designed after their existing brand, including TwoFoot Creative’s business card design, their logo (shown) and other professional material.

    The design makes use of the company’s colors and I’ve also integrated their logo, “swirl” theme, and other elements into the overall design.

  • Web development: TwoFoot Creative’s blog

    development: TwoFoot Creative

    TwoFoot Creative wanted a blog integrated into the rest of their new site, where the overall design and feel remain intact throughout the entire blog—preserving the experience as users browse the blog.

    As with all of my websites, theirs was developed to be cross-browser compatible and search engine friendly.

  • Web management: TwoFoot Creative’s gallery

    management: TwoFoot Creative

    TwoFoot Creative’s website was created to be editable entirely in-house.

    Apart from the obvious (their blog), everything from text content to gallery images and videos may be managed as they see fit, without needing to contact or pay a developer.

  • Without JavaScript enabled, TwoFoot Creative’s testimonial may be viewed on my testimonials page.

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