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Color scheme for Vim and gVim made specifically for website development

A color scheme for Vim/gVim that I created specifically for my most commonly used website development languages - XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Color scheme for Vim and gVim made specifically for website development

I created a color scheme for Vim/gVim, my favorite editor for website development. One of the first things I did after installing Vim was look for a good color scheme. Being unable to find any that I liked and that suited HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript all that well (even on this huge page of Vim color schemes) I decided to make my own.

I tried to use pleasing yet distinct color combinations along with bold and italics to create a color scheme that's not just pleasing to the eye, but also breaks down elements, variables, strings, etc. into a syntax with emphasis that's easy to scan through and work with across my favorite languages. It's not 100%, but it works great for my needs.

Please feel free to download my vim color scheme to use or modify to your liking. To use it on linux, just copy the file to your ~/.vim/colors folder and add the line "colorscheme bjornenki-colorscheme" (or whatever you rename the file to).

Screen shots of the color scheme in action


Bjorn Enki's gVim color scheme - HTML file


Bjorn Enki's gVim color scheme - CSS file


Bjorn Enki's gVim color scheme - JavaScript file


Bjorn Enki's gVim color scheme - PHP file

Posted Apr. 30, 2009 at 9:12 pm under: website development, vim

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Bjorn Enki, Aug. 22, 2009 at 1:33 am
Hi mitja, the best part about a custom color scheme is - to me - both shades of blue are not only pleasant but serve their purpose well. If you'd like, you can always change that shade of blue
mitja, Aug. 20, 2009 at 4:00 pm
That shade of blue is quite painful to look at when it's on a black background. I suppose you don't have much choice if you're using the terminal but with a GUI version of Vim you'd be better off with something lighter.
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