About Bjørn Enki

I am a website professional available for freelance work and consultation

Bjørn Enki is not a web design firm, company or agency—it’s just me, my text-editor, and a few other tools. I offer a range of custom website services, covering all major aspects of professional website design. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, especially observing the results alongside my clients. If you’re interested in work together, please get in touch. And don’t worry; if I don’t think I can do your job well, I won’t take it on—I’ve yet to start a project that didn’t end up online and in my website portfolio.

Bjørn Erik Enki Gjesdal

Bjørn Erik Enki Gjesdal

More about me

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth”—Alan Watts

With that being quoted, here are some facts:

  • My full name is Bjørn Erik Enki Gjesdal.
  • My love for design joined a passion for computers at a young age. I was first employed as lead designer, web developer and systems administrator at 17.
  • Six years and various companies later, in early 2007, I started working freelance.
  • I use primarily open-source software, including Linux for both my PCs, Vim, GIMP, PHP, MySQL, Apache, and many more.
  • A large portion of my life was spent in Ålgård, Norway.
  • I currently live in Pasadena, CA.